A true taste-discovering voyage. I Pastai's fresh pasta is a journey of passion and delight. Exciting the senses, our artisan, hand-made range of traditional fresh. Fliled and ready-made pasta meals encapsulate the essence of true Italian cuisine to a standard that is appreciated by dedicated chefs, catering and restaurant managers.
Through passion and hard-work, ‘I Pastai’ is bringing ‘Nonna’s Pasta’ to Australian dinner tables.

A new generation of fresh pasta product

The Art of Tasting

Our authentic pasta is created through diligent process reviews, quality checks are performed daily to ensure that only the highest quality ingredients are used. Each ingredient is carefully selected from a variety of local Western Australian farms an providers. If we cannot find what we need, we will source it from outside Australia, guaranteeing a high level of excellence.

Only sourcing the best ingredients they can find, they follow old italian recipes but also experiment with new flavours to deliver an exciting and unique selection. Their quest for perfection is supported with many hours of dedicated research and scrupulous testing prior to production. A brand new commercial kitchen allows the I Pastai creativity to shine and become a reality.

Artisans of Fresh Pasta