Quadrati di formaggio

Quadrati di formaggio Ingredients:
Pasta dough: Durum wheat semolina, “00” flour, eggs, water.
Filling: Ricotta cheese, pecorino cheese, parmesan cheese, milk powder, pistachio nuts, vegetable fibre, breadcrumbs, nutmeg, salt, natural flavours, pepper.
Preservative, Acidity Regulator, Natural Colour

Allergen Statements:
Allergens: Contains wheat, eggs, milk, tree nuts May contains traces of peanuts
No artificial Colors / No artificial flavours / No OGM

Energy X 100gr 1060 kJ
Available size: 500 grams

Nutritional Values

* AVG / 100Gr

Cooking process

Quadrati di formaggio: take dinner ‘next level’ with our cheese filled square ravioli. Simple, creamy & cheesy with a crunchy pistachio kick. Say cheese!

/ Recipe

Quadrati al formaggio with pistacio and garden vegetables

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