Basil Pesto

Basil Pesto Ingredients:
Cold pressed basil paste (37.3%) (basil [66%], sunflower seed oil, salt, acidity regulator [E300]), canola oil, cashew (15.9%), parmesan (4.2%) (milk, salt, culture [contains egg]), starch (corn, tapioca), flavours, sugar, garlic powder (0.3%), acidity regulator (330, 200), salt

Allergen Statements:
Contains cashews, milk and egg. May contain traces of wheat, gluten, soy and other tree nuts.
No artificial Colors / No artificial flavours / No OGM

Energy X 100gr 2290 kJ
Available size: 180 grams

Nutritional Values

* AVG / 100Gr

Cooking process

Basil Pesto:Cook pasta until al dente. Add the sauce and mix well. No need to heat. Heating/cooking is not recommended as it changes the flavour of the sauce.

/ Recipe

Tortellini di pollo with creamy pesto and cherry tomatoes

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