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Fagottini al Prosciutto

in Ravioli & Tortelli
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Prosciutto & mixed cheese fagottini

Combining only the best quality local ingredients with secret family recipes, our handmade fresh pasta makes it easy to prepare delicious, restaurant quality meals at home.

Only the very best quality.
Using durum semolina, soft wheat flour and a minimum of eight eggs to make our exceptional, velvety pasta. We source top quality Italian ingredients, carefully selected Australian meat, farm fresh vegetables, and gourmet cheeses are used to produce our delicious fillings. There is no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives; instead we create superior products that preserve the integrity of the ingredients.

  • 100% Natural ingredients
  • 500 gram net – serves 2-3
  • 300 gram net – serves 2

Fagottini al Prosciutto Ingredients:

faggotini al prosciutto ingredients


fork fagottini prosciutto
Serving Suggestion

Fagottini with creamy asparagus sauce

Fagottini al prosciutto

Recipe suggestion:  for 3 people

  • 2 purple garlic cloves.
  • 2 bunch of fresh asparagus.
  • basil, sea salt.
  • cracked black pepper.
  • good extra virgin olive oil.
  • fresh sage.
  • 30 gr of butter.
  • fresh grated parmesan.
  • 30 gr of prosciutto.
  • 200ml of cream.
    1. Simple place a large pot of water on the stove to boil, add salt to it.
    2. First cut the prosciutto in little cubes and set them aside.
    3. Blanch the asparagus, remove from the boiling water and rinse them under cold water and set aside. You can blanch them in the same water that you will cook the pasta in, this is practical and saves water.
    4. Cut the asparagus in small pieces.
    5. In a large non-stick frying pan with high edges, melt the butter. Add the sage leaves, and squashed garlic with skin on (you will remove the garlic before mixing with the pasta), the prosciutto and the asparagus. Gently cook for 2 minutes. Season with salt and cracked pepper, add the fresh basil and the cream, cook for few minutes until nice and creamy, keep aside and warm.
    6. Place you pasta straight from the packet into the boiling water, stir gently in the first minute to avoid any pasta sticking to the pot.
    7. Stir periodically until the pasta is cooked, usually all our pasta takes 3-4 minutes to cook, drain the pasta and mixed with the sauce on gentle fire just for few seconds.
    8. Distribute the pasta onto the plates, sprinkle with parmesan cheese and your meal is ready to eat!
    9. Enjoy your perfect Plate of fagottini al prosciutto, simple to prepare, quick, preservative and additive free.

Enjoy with friends and family exactly like Italian families do.

Buon Appetito!