La Pasta Fresca

A new generation of fresh pasta products.

A true taste-discovering voyage, I Pastai’s fresh pasta is a journey of passion and delight.
Exciting the senses, our artisan, handmade range of traditional fresh pasta, ready meals and condiments encapsulate the essence of true Italian cuisine to a standard that is appreciated by families and dedicated chefs.

Fresh Pasta Our Way

Fresh Pasta can be made with or without eggs and from many different kinds of flour.
The most famous and prestigious of all fresh pastas is known as “Pasta All` Uovo”. Considered a luxury as it was traditionally made with eggs, the dough would be hand rolled using a wooden rolling pin or with help from a small pasta-making machine.
Still present in traditional and regional recipes throughout Italy, this type of pasta is rich and delicious, with a velvety texture.
To truly experience fresh pasta just like that made in Italy, we prepare the dough using Italian grown durum semolina, soft wheat flour and a minimum of eight eggs per kilo of dough.
This carefully balanced selection of high quality ingredients guarantees an intensely coloured dough, which when cooked remains firm to the bite.


2,471 Ravioli & Tortelli

Tortellone wagyu beef

2,355 Ravioli & Tortelli

Tortellini di pollo

2,562 Ravioli & Tortelli

Quadrati di Formaggio

2,535 Ravioli & Tortelli

Tortello Emiliano

2,578 Ravioli & Tortelli

Raviolo al Tartufo

2,555 Ravioli & Tortelli

Raviolacci di Zucca

2,576 Ravioli & Tortelli

Agnolotto Verde

2,560 Ravioli & Tortelli

Fagottini al Prosciutto


2,413 Long & short cuts


2,398 Long & short cuts

Rigatoni allo Zafferano

2,410 Long & short cuts

Gnocci di Patate

2,251 Long & short cuts

Sfoglia Lasagna

2,264 Long & short cuts





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