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Who are i Pastai?

The company "I pastai" was born out of love and passion for Italian tradition, and thanks to a very dedicated and passionate team, in a very short time they have become the artisans of pasta in Australia.

The origins of I Pastai are Italian, but their home is Australia: from Italy they inherit knowledge, culture and rich culinary tradition; from Australia they gain curiosity and the courage to constantly experiment.
For Italians, making pasta brings back fond memories of Sundays spent sitting around the dinner table with the family sharing not just lunch but laughter, love and stories of the week gone by.
The Pasta; Using traditional preparation techniques coupled with modern technology, through meticulous attention to detail and thanks to a hard-working team we are able to bring ‘the taste of Italy ‘ to Australian dinner tables.
Only through the selection of the best quality ingredients available in Australian, the finest flours from the most important Italian mills, are we able to offer the best of both worlds. The authenticity of Italian artisan pasta and searching relentlessly for new flavors and combinations, ensures our customers a variety of fresh and unique products.
I Pastai have always pursued a perfect dream; by tasting every single ingredient, testing the quality of every dish that comes out of their pasta factory and promoting a line of products that is increasingly eco-friendly.

Their promise? To take you to the heart of Italy from the first bite, without having to get on a plane.

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We were born in Italy, where we inherited knowledge, art, culture and rich culinary tradition. But our home is Australia, from where we have gained the courage to innovate and experiment. Every day we strive to gather the best from these two worlds, as if they were our spiritual ingredients, and delicately wrap it all up in delicious layers of pasta.

"Let's make pasta": A phrase that perfectly expresses the Italian spirit!
For Italians, making pasta brings back fond memories of Sundays spent sitting around the dinner table with the family (while enjoying good food and good company.) (sharing not just lunch but laughter, love and stores of the week gone by. We grew up eating our Nonna's pasta.
Through passion and hard-work, ‘I Pastai’ is bringing ‘Nonna’s Pasta’ to Australian dinner tables.

i Pastai: Italy and Australia, wrapped up in a delicate layer of Pasta

The Art of Tasting

The taste of authenticity.
Let's start with the ingredients: We choose to use only the highest quality ingredients to make our products.
We individually taste test the highest quality Australian and Italian ingredients on the market. From Italy we select cheese from the best dairies and flours ground in the oldest and finest flour mills, guaranteeing authenticity to our pasta and its sauces; in Australia we rely on the experience of certified farms where we buy the highest quality meats, which ensure fillings and flavours with an unmistakable taste.

We want you to be able to buy high quality, freshly made pasta at your local supermarket.
In order to do this, and to guarantee the freshness of our products, we have designed a production system that allows us to make pasta artisanally, but in a short space of time, this allows the ingredients to maintain the unique taste that can only be found in the freshest of products. All of our pastas, sauces and ready made meals are cooked and packaged in our factory kitchens in Western Australia. Using a mix of modern and traditional procedures and following a meticulous distribution schedule. Their prolonged freshness is the result of fast preparation times provided by the use of advanced technologies and the speed of their delivery.

Artisans of Fresh Pasta

  • Mail: info@ipastai.com.au
  • Tel: 08 64682086
  • 75 Callaway Street Wangara,
    Western Australia 6065